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There is no one today who does not watch Cricket. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. Most people around the world love cricket. So, everyone is preoccupied with cricket’s score. And that’s why we want to show all the cricket live scores here.
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London is immersed in a sport somewhat unknown in Spanish lands: cricket. Several championships are taking place simultaneously this week, giving it even greater importance. It is true that in Spain it is practiced relatively little: in fact, there is little news in sports newspapers. However, in English lands it is an institution that deserves to be known. Here are ten fundamental things that will help you get to know this sport.

Ten things about cricket
Cricket. Source: The Cricketer What is it?
Before we start talking about its characteristics, you have to know what we are talking about. Cricket is a sport very similar to baseball in terms of dynamics: runs, batters … They play eleven against eleven, knowing that one team tries to hit and get runs while the other tries to eliminate the opposing batters. The one with the highest score based on the races he has obtained wins. You have to be careful, yes, with comparing it to baseball. More than one Englishman could be offended.

His ball, something peculiar
The ball used in cricket is quite curious. It weighs around 160 grams, and is made of rope wound around a cork core, covered with leather. With expert hitters, the ball can reach the speed of 130 km / h.

Originally from UK
Cricket is a British sport. Historians place its creation in England and, immediately after its inception, it spread throughout the British territory. However, it is a sport that has a lot of presence in the Asian continent, in addition to some European countries and a large part of Oceania. Great players, some of them versatile like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, are remembered in the history of cricket.


Cricket fans. Source: The CricketerA sport with great impact
According to, cricket has an importance that exceeds expectations. Cricket is estimated to have over 2 billion fans around the world. With these data, it ranks as the second most followed sport on the planet, just behind soccer, which has more than 3,000 million.

There is a League in Spain
It was not until 1992 when cricket began to spread in Spain, with a National League. In 1975, the first Spanish cricket club was created in Madrid, which was dedicated to playing against the British embassy. In 1990 more teams began to appear in cities such as Mallorca or Marbella, which led to a spread of the sport.

Without Federation and without awards
Spain is scarce in fans and in awards. Their little participation has meant that the National Team has not won any continental trophy in its years of existence. In fact, the association that is in charge of this sport cannot be considered, today, as a Federation.

Cricket, full of controversy
Being so well known, problems cannot be controlled. It is clear that a sport of this size is a target for betting. Millions of dollars are moved with this sport and, obviously, illegal gambling is the daily bread. This leads to possible match fixes, which tend to stain the name of cricket, but that is something that large organizations try to eliminate.
Live cricket Scores

Cricket-England. Source: The Cricketer Not an Olympic sport
Despite being the second most followed sport on the planet, it is not part of the discipline of the Olympic Games. He had a fleeting appearance at the 1900 Paris Games, but has not been seen since. Tokyo 2020 featured a number of sports, including cricket, that aspired to be Olympic but are currently not considered as such.
Here Is the Update and Live cricket Scores.

The game of 11 days
Cricket is famous for having hosted one of the longest matches in the history of the sport. This is the match between South Africa and England, which began on a sunny morning on March 3, 1939 and, after not having won, ended on March 14 in a draw.

This is placed in a historical context of the sport. Years ago, a fifth game had been established without a time limit in Australia, something that did not take place in Anglo-Saxon lands until that famous meeting. A measure that could not foresee something like that.

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