Lungs The Leg Exercises

There are very few people who exercise Regular exercise is very important not only for men but also for women Because, exercising means taking care of yourself Most people are indifferent to exercise But regular exercise will guarantee you a good stay And if you are good, the whole family will be good. Lungs The Leg Exercises is very important for all.

So today I am writing about a popular and highly effective exercise for the legs – lunges

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What is lounge?

This is a strength training exercise because it uses body strength to lift or lower body weight. To make a lunge, one leg is brought forward with the knee bent, the other leg is brought back with the knee bent. Both legs are on the floor. This can be done with or without weights. It can also be done as a yoga seat.

Lungs The Leg Exercises is one of the best exercises for the legs. It is true that weight loss, fitness or weight gain is just a matter of doing cardio. This is a compound exercise that works for more than one muscle The quadriceps (thighs), glutenous (buttocks), hip, and hamstrings (the muscles just above the back of the knee. —
All these muscles work together, so this is a good exercise.

How do you do it?

Stand up straight first. Keep your shoulders, head, chest straight, arms straight along your shoulders, or hands on your hips.
And the head will be straight forward, the vision will be in front
Pull the abdomen inwards
The knees will be straight along the soles of the feet The first condition so far |
Lungs The Leg ExercisesTake a deep breath
Now bring any one foot 2-3 feet to the front
The other leg will be behind the body
And the toes of the hind legs will be on the ground and the ankles will be above the ground
Slowly bend the knees of both legs towards the front and keep going down to the floor or down
At this time the upper part of the body should be very straight upwards, especially the spine (back) should be very straight.
Do not move the front foot out of the front of the foot when the front knee descends
Move the front leg 90 degrees
Turn the hind legs 90 degrees upside down to the front foot
To keep the balance of the body, you can place both hands in front of the body outside the body / front shoulder
Hold this position for one second
Now you will feel the stretch from your knees to your hips on both legs
Breathing will be normal
This time go up again or come to the first position
Exhale loudly while getting up
Do the same with the other leg in front and back in the same way
If you cross two legs, it will be repeated once
Set 3 in total 15-20 times
You can hold the chair for the convenience of the lounge, so that you can keep the balance of the body
There will be equal pressure on both legs when going up or down
You will benefit if you do it as deep and accurately as possible
Lightly stretch the hamstrings and quadriceps muscles at the end of the Lungs The Leg Exercises.

How and how many days a week?

You can do this exercise 2/3 days a week
One day after another
Because if you rest those muscles the next day, the exercise works well
Do 10-20 sets of 1-3 sets or as advised by the fitness trainer
Do as you need. If necessary, take the weight
Set at least 3 to get the best results

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