Dimension Of Grounds of Outdoor Games

Football Ground:
Ground Dimensions
Dimension of Football Playground
Length: 90-120 meters
Width: 45-90 meters

Cricket Pitch:
Cricket Pitch Measurement

Ground Dimensions of Basketball Ground
The playing field is a rectangle of dimensions 28m x 15m
measured from the inner edge of the lines that delimit it, the
which are not part of the playing field. Dimensions
indicated are for both international and national competitions
as for newly built fields.

Court Dimension of BB

Cricket Ground Dimension:

Cricket Ground Dimension

Volleyball Court Dimension
The playing field is a rectangle whose dimensions for the game
for doubles are 13.40m x 6.10m and for the singles game of
13.40m x 5.18m (These dimensions correspond to the following
UK measurements: 44ft x 20ft and 44ft x 17ft)

Volleyball Court Dimension

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